DIY Conservatories for Bungalows

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Do you have:

* A bungalow property or

* Any type of low eaves roof (such as Dormer style) or

* A low height cottage, or

* Have a soffit and fascia to consider, or

* A height restriction or limitation?

 Then we have bungalow conservatories to suit your needs.


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Your DIY Conservatories for bungalows needn't be limited in shape or style and with a wide range of options and the versatility of our models, the decision is yours. If you require a low pitched bungalow conservatory or a conservatory with a double hipped roof, the possibilities are almost endless.

The main styles that we find work well with Bungalows are the Lean to and the Double Hipped Conservatories, see below for more information.

Lean To Conservatory



Lean-To Conservatory for Bungalows

Lean-To Conservatory for Bungalows


The Traditional Lean to style conservatory has always been considered as the most cost effective and simplest, lending itself as the most common for bungalow conservatories. The roof is a single forward pitch sloping style (usually at around 5° from the horizontal). This means that it slopes upwards from the front of the conservatory meeting at the property wall. The fact that this style of bungalow conservatory has a very low pitch roof, means that it is much lower in height at the rear than normal 'pitched' roof styles.

Our Traditional Lean to range can cater for virtually any application and with our DIY Conservatory budget range prices starting from £1591, they are able to suit any budget. Call us today on 0800 917 2230 to discuss your needs or simply complete our free quotation request form below and we'll get straight back to you.

Double Hipped Conservatory

Double Hipped Edwardian Conservatory for Bungalows

Double Hipped Edwardian Conservatory for Bungalows


Double Hipped Victorian Conservatory for Bungalows

Double Hipped Victorian Conservatory for Bungalows

The Double Hipped Conservatory is now becoming more widely used as a type of roof for a bungalow conservatory. At the rear it slopes (or pitches) backwards towards the property, utilising a box gutter system to collect the rainwater at the back means that getting a conservatory for a bungalow is no longer restricted to a low pitch style roof.

We offer both the Double Hipped Edwardian and the Double Hipped Victorian styles of bungalow conservatories from our standard range of DIY Conservatories with great prices starting from £2670, so why not contact us for a free quotation either online enquiry form below or call us on:

Even if you're looking for bungalow conservatories in one of our other different styles, such as the Gullwing or P Shaped conservatory, or if you are after a more elaborate design, then please get in touch and one of our experienced team will be happy to work with you to design it around your specification.

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